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Antenna Solutions

Miot is a leading global designer and manufacturer of advanced antenna and RF solutions.From consultative RF design services to production, a full range of RF solutions and support available in one place. Our highly-trained technical and product specialists deliver customized support and information tailored to meet your needs.

Antennas for Every Need

We offer a diverse portfolio of antennas, meticulously designed to cater to a broad spectrum of communication needs. Our collection encompasses a wide array of technologies, including WIFI, GSM, GPS, UTMS, LTE, ISM, Sigfox, and the latest in 5G.

Within our range, you will find a variety of antenna types to suit any application – from the versatile Omni antenna, designed for wide-ranging coverage, to the focused precision of Panel and Sector antennas. For long-range communications, our Grid and Dish parabolic antennas are ideal, providing high-gain solutions in demanding environments. We also specialize in communication terminal antennas, ensuring reliable and efficient transmission for various devices. Each antenna in our selection is engineered for optimal performance, offering reliable, high-quality connectivity solutions for a multitude of applications.

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Cellular (5G/4G)



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Bluetooth & WiFi







Pioneering Advanced Antenna Solutions for Next-Generation Wireless Technologies

MIOT boasts an expansive and diverse range of antenna designs, covering the full spectrum of wireless technologies. Our portfolio includes advanced solutions for 5G NR sub-6 GHz, 5G NR mmWave frequencies, 4G/3G/2G, GNSS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. Since 2004, we have been instrumental in designing and launching a multitude of M2M and IoT solutions across the globe.


Our expertise encompasses custom antenna design, off-the-shelf antenna selection, optimization, and pre-certification. We offer innovative and proprietary designs in various antenna types, including monopole, dipole, loop, ceramic patch, PCB, and flex PCB antennas.


At MIOT, we recommend talking to our experts to get an initial free consultation before commencing your project. Our team can guide you through each phase, from design and testing to deployment and management, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our strategic, customer-centric approach to Antenna design and supply.

MIOT's Engineering Expertise: Navigating RF Challenges

At MIOT, we possess a deep understanding of the Radio Frequency (RF) challenges involved in bringing your devices to market. Our experienced engineering team, having successfully led thousands of projects, offers comprehensive support from the initial design concept through the validation stage, RF simulation, production, and pre-certification testing.


We pride ourselves on our world-class engineering capabilities, which encompass a wide range of technical skills. Our expertise spans across various domains, including Radio Frequency (RF), electronics, PCB and hardware design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and production processes, and quality assurance and control.

Our capabilities extend beyond electronic engineering to include mechanical design, harmonizing aesthetics with functionality. This holistic approach to product development is crucial in today’s competitive market. Our team ensures that each product not only aligns with industry standards but sets new benchmarks in innovation and reliability. 

Antenna Services Offered

From consultative RF design services to production, a full range of RF solutions and support available in one place. Our highly-trained technical and product specialists deliver customized support and information tailored to meet your needs.


Antenna Layout Design and RF Specification Design including PIFA, FPC, PCB, and External types.​


Equipment & Capabilities

Network analyzers, anechoic chambers, simulation software, and 3D printers help us reduce your design phases 


Testing & Certification

OTA Testing and Interference Mitigation to support for CE/ FCC/ PTCRB radio pre-scan.​



Cost-effective customized Antenna designs tailored to your unique requirements


Consulting & Evaluation

Feasibility Study and Initialize the Proof of Concept based on 3D mechanical enclosure.​



You ask it, we do it. Get your idea to market quickly with our end-to-end design solutions

Dish Antenna

Learn More About our Antennas

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