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Enhancing Assetflo's LTE Tracker with MIOT's Expertise

In the early months of 2022, Assetflo embarked on a journey to find a reliable antenna provider on Alibaba for their LTE tracker with Bluetooth functionality, designed for trucks and trailers. This quest led them to MIOT, initiating a collaboration that would redefine their device's connectivity.

Phase 1: Understanding the Application Scenario

Upon the initial connection, MIOT swiftly engaged in discussions with Assetflo, gaining comprehensive insights into the application scenarios and requirements of their tracker. Assetflo, impressed by MIOT's proactive approach, entrusted the entire device to MIOT for further development.

Phase 2: Antenna Design and Comprehensive Testing

MIOT, leveraging its antenna design expertise, crafted an antenna solution tailored to the unique needs of Assetflo's tracker. This process involved detailed design considerations and thorough testing, the results of which were compiled into a comprehensive test report.

Phase 3: Comprehensive Device Provision

Impressed by MIOT's work on the antenna, Assetflo expanded the collaboration. MIOT was entrusted with providing the final device, which encompassed testing, PCBA production, battery and enclosure procurement, cable acquisition, assembly, and packaging.

Challenge: Troubleshooting Device Performance in South America

Upon deployment, the devices faced performance challenges in the South American context. To identify and rectify the issue, MIOT conducted an exhaustive series of tests in their lab, exploring various scenarios:

  1. Regular assembly with power applied.

  2. Regular assembly without power applied.

  3. Increased spacing between PCB and antenna with power applied.

  4. Increased spacing between PCB and antenna without power applied.

  5. Shielding on DCDC with power applied.

  6. Shielding on DCDC without power applied.

Resolution: Addressing Noise from the Charging Board

The meticulous testing revealed that the performance issue stemmed from noise generated by the charging board. Responding promptly, MIOT integrated the components into a single board within a month. The refined sample was promptly delivered to Assetflo, who not only appreciated the swift resolution but also applauded the enhanced performance.

This collaborative journey between Assetflo and MIOT underscored the critical role of antenna design in optimizing connectivity for IoT devices. The resolution of challenges in South America showcased MIOT's commitment to delivering reliable solutions and ensuring seamless device performance in diverse operational environments.


About MIOT Solutions

Founded in 2017, MIOT Solutions is a pioneer in the field of IoT technology, specializing in customized components and end-to-end solutions that are shaping the future of connectivity across various industries. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including antennas, modules, and trackers, designed to ensure seamless integration and drive innovation across a myriad of connected devices.


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