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  • L-2FA1

    $15.00 Regular Price
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    4G/LTE Monopole FPC Antenna 

    SKU: L-5MA1
    • Description

      The L-2FA1 is a flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna designed to operate at frequencies ranging from 698 MHz to 960 MHz and 1710 MHz to 2690 MHz. Its compact dimensions of 59 mm x 50 mm x 0.4 mm offer a space-efficient solution for wireless communication applications.

      One of the key advantages of the L-2FA1 is its customizable connector and cable length options, allowing for seamless integration into various devices and configurations. This flexibility enables easy installation and optimal positioning for improved signal reception.

      Whether you require a specific connector type or a custom cable length, the L-2FA1 FPC antenna can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

    • Key Features

      • Operates in 698-2690 MHz
      • Linear polarization
      • Low VSWR
      • FPC flexible or PCB material (Optional)
      • Omni-directional pattern
      • Cable Solder direct
    • Applications

      • Cellular
      • Transportation
      • Industrial wearable
      • Smart city
      • Smart agriculture
      • Home automation
    • Electrical Specifications

      Frequency VSWR Peak Gain Efficiency
      LTE 698 - 960 MHz 1.8 1.4 dBi 58%
      LTE 1710 - 2690 MHz 1.2 3.3 dBi 64%


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