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MIOT PCB Solutions

Drawing on over a decade of expertise in PCB prototypes and fabrication, our commitment extends to fulfilling the diverse needs of customers across various industries. We prioritize excellence in quality, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness and address any other demanding requests with precision and dedication. As one of the most seasoned PCB manufacturers globally, we take pride in positioning ourselves as your business partners and as trusted friends, ready to support you in every facet of your PCB requirements.

Make Your Design a Reality

We have the experience required to meet the highest standards in the industry consistently. Our experience spans multiple market segments, including Telecom, Datacom, Computer & Storage, Medical, Industrial, and consumer products.

Other capabilities include Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Signal Integrity Analysis, Software and Firmware Design, including software integration and API design.


PCB Routing

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Embedded System Design


Layout & Design


PCB Verification


Wireless and RF Circuitry


Circuit Simulation

PCB Design and Layout

Our expertise in PCB design and layout spans a wide spectrum of specialized areas. We craft intricate PCB layouts for high-speed, multi-layer digital applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our specialization extends to high-frequency RF/microwave PCBs, designed to meet the stringent demands of high-frequency operations.

We excel in low-level analog PCB designs, prioritizing precision and stability for sensitive analog applications. Additionally, our engineers expertly engineer ultra-low EMI designs crucial for applications like MRI and other sensitive equipment. We provide advanced memory PCB designs, ensuring fast, efficient, and stable data processing. Our custom antenna PCBs are tailored for specific applications, optimizing signal transmission and reception.

We offer comprehensive support with detailed assembly diagrams, precise data generation for in-circuit testing and component placement, and essential specifications for drill, panel, and cutout drawings. Our documentation for PCB fabrication is thorough, guaranteeing quality and consistency. Utilizing advanced autorouting techniques, we optimize space and enhance performance for densely packed PCBs.


At MIOT Solutions, our commitment to quality and precision in PCB design is unwavering, ensuring that your project's unique needs are met with the highest level of expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

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PCB Manufacturing

We specialize in turning your PCB design concepts into reality, prioritizing quality and precision. Send us your Gerber files, and we'll manage the entire process.


Our extensive capabilities encompass diverse options, including large format PCBs and cutting-edge 3/3mil technology. We craft various PCB types, from rigid to rigid-flex and flex, using specialized materials like copper coin technology, Rogers RF substrates, and high-speed PCB substrates. Our precision drilling handles 6mil holes, with advanced features such as laser microvias, blind vias, buried vias, bare board electrical testing, and PCB impedance testing. Customize your PCB with an array of solder mask and finish plating choices, and adapt it to your needs with various silkscreen and solder mask colors. With a capacity ranging from 1 to 50 layers, we accommodate projects of all complexities while meeting Class 2 & 3 quality standards and RoHS surface finish requirements.

Our unwavering dedication to quality is backed by adherence to rigorous industry standards, including ANSI/ESD S20.20 2014, AS9100, ISO9001, and more. We work with diverse substrates, such as FR-4, Rogers series, Teflon, and others, to suit a wide range of project requirements.


At MIOT Solutions, we assure precision, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail in meeting your PCB manufacturing needs, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

PCB Assembly

We can streamline your PCB assembly needs with a focus on efficiency and affordability. Whether you're bringing your small-scale prototypes to life or seeking large-scale production, our unwavering commitment to quality and speed remains constant.


Our PCB assembly services cover a broad spectrum, including fast turn times, accommodating small prototype runs, and scaling up for large production batches. We believe in delivering excellence without breaking the bank, ensuring competitive pricing while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


To initiate your PCB assembly project, we'll require essential data, including a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) with the manufacturer's part numbers, accurate centroid data for machine-placed parts, Gerber files of the PCB, and a solder paste Gerber file (if you're supplying bare boards). Additionally, including an assembly drawing for your project ensures precise execution of your specifications. We can also help you with these if you don't have them. 


Let MIOT Solutions transform your PCB assembly requirements into reality, offering top-quality results at an affordable price. Send us your data, and we'll take care of the rest.


Why Choose MIOT for your PCB needs?

  • Full turnkey electronic engineering solutions from initial concept to production

  • Catering to a broad range of sectors including industrial, medical, automotive, and commercial

  • Highly skilled electronic engineers and PCB designers with extensive knowledge

  • Specialization in RF PCB and advanced high-speed digital PCB design

  • Deep understanding of PCB manufacturing processes for optimized design quality

  • Strong commitment to customer communication and in-depth design review

  • Rapid project turnaround that often beats customer timelines

  • Strict confidentiality maintained for all projects and intellectual property

  • Competitive pricing across all our services

  • Serving a global clientele with our expert solutions

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Contact one of our account managers for a free review of your drawings, a product consultation and a quotation.

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