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ODM and EMS Solutions

Empower Your Electronics Manufacturing with our ODM and EMS Solutions.  Stay ahead in the technological landscape with MIOT's commitment to using cutting-edge equipment and methodologies. Our advanced technology ensures not only the efficient assembly of PCBs but also the production of high-quality, compact devices that meet the demands of modern electronics.

Scaling Your Business Ideas

We are innovating the world of contract manufacturing by providing a fully scalable solution to get your product to the market. We are bridging the gaps between prototype and scaling to mass production. We provide an expertise to help you get the most advantageous solution combining the best of inhouse and outsourcing.

Why choose MIOT as your contract manufacturing partner? 


Industry 4.0 Technologies

At MIOT, we use specialized manufacturers that leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to enhance your product manufacturing process. Our tools include state-of-the-art automation, robotics, digitization, simulation, and 3D-printed manufacturing. With our experience, you get the benefits of optimized production, reduced downtime, and smart automation, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, customized products. Our focus is on facilitating your goals, whether it's speeding up time-to-market, streamlining complex manufacturing processes, or improving yields.

Our expertise extends to digital manufacturing, utilizing sensors, IoT platforms, and advanced analytics for efficient decision-making. We ensure that your products benefit from the latest in IoT wireless technologies and components. Additionally, our team helps you accelerate product development while another team optimizes your manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, are employed to enhance design functionality, customization, and efficient parts management, supporting your unique production needs.


Manufacturing capabilities

MIOT collaborates with numerous skilled manufacturing partners, each with a wealth of experience in bringing designs from concept to reality efficiently and sustainably. We can offer manufacturing capabilities tailored to your specific needs, offering unparalleled services and scalability. Whether it's through expert design collaboration, robust testing, or advanced assembly, MIOT is equipped to handle the unique complexities of your products, ensuring resiliency and a competitive edge in any market situation.


We utilize state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to ensure a smooth transition from design to production. We also align your technological needs with industry trends, standardizing processes for global application. This approach not only streamlines product development through advanced engineering and simulation techniques but also ensures the highest quality in PCBA and complex machining. From inception to execution, MIOT's expertise in design, manufacturing, and reliability analysis guarantees that your products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Quality and efficiency

At MIOT, our commitment to quality and efficiency is the cornerstone of our approach, realized through our network of carefully selected partners. These partnerships are built on a foundation of excellence, ensuring that every aspect of our manufacturing process aligns with the highest standards of quality. Our focus is on using superior components and engaging with the best suppliers, guaranteeing that each product we help bring to market embodies durability, functionality, and innovation. This emphasis on quality extends through the entire manufacturing process, from the careful selection of materials to the meticulous assembly of finished products.

Efficiency is equally paramount in our operations. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond swiftly to client needs, navigating the complexities of manufacturing with agility and precision. Our partners are equipped to handle the demands of rapid production without compromising the quality of the output. This balance of speed and excellence ensures that our clients can confidently rely on us for the timely delivery of products that meet and exceed expectations. 


Contact one of our account managers for a free review of your drawings, a product consultation and a quotation.

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