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MIOT and HAE Collaboration on Asset Tracker

In the realm of IoT innovation, HAE and MIOT joined forces to bring to life a cutting-edge asset tracker designated as LRSM0007. This tracker aimed to leverage both CatM1 and NB-IoT technologies for enhanced asset monitoring.

Phase 1: PCB Assembly and Functionality Testing

HAE, the visionary behind the project, provided manufacturing files to MIOT, who took charge of assembling the PCBAs and rigorously testing the device's functions. This initial collaboration ensured that the core functionalities aligned with the project requirements.

Phase 2: Enclosure Design and Antenna Solutions

As the project progressed, HAE shared 3D enclosure files with MIOT. In response, MIOT not only produced samples but also presented three distinct antenna design solutions to optimize connectivity:

Plan A

Plan A: Extended the board by 15mm, retained the original battery, and employed both SMD antennas for LTE and GPS.

Plan B

Plan B: Extended the board by 15mm, maintained the original battery, and utilized both FPC antennas for LTE and GPS.

Plan C

Plan C: Keep the same PCBA, use a smaller battery, and integrate FPC antennas.

Phase 3: Antenna Selection and Refinement

Upon preliminary testing, considering factors like efficiency and gain, HAE opted for Plan B. This decision prompted MIOT to craft a new board for verification by HAE. Simultaneously, MIOT fine-tuned the selected antenna design.

Phase 4: Finalization and Testing

HAE rigorously tested the new board sent by MIOT, confirming its alignment with the project's objectives. With successful verification, the entire design, including the finalized antenna solution, was cemented.

The final design
This table shows the active test result under CatM-10M


This collaborative journey between HAE and MIOT not only showcased the seamless integration of hardware and design expertise but also demonstrated the crucial role of antenna solutions in optimizing the performance of IoT devices. The LRSM0007 asset tracker stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and iterative design in the ever-evolving landscape of IoT innovation..


About MIOT Solutions

Founded in 2017, MIOT Solutions is a pioneer in the field of IoT technology, specializing in customized components and end-to-end solutions that are shaping the future of connectivity across various industries. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including antennas, modules, and trackers, designed to ensure seamless integration and drive innovation across a myriad of connected devices.


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